There’s only one man who can truly bring your childhood back to you via food – and that’s Heston Blumenthal. Here’s some of his best experiments.

1. Heston’s Feast, Channel 4 – Giant Flying Saucer.

This episode travels back in time to the flying saucer, and he re-creates it to a gigantic scale.

2. Heston’s Feast, Channel 4 – Lickable Wallpaper.

Heston takes a leaf out of Willy Wonka‘s book, and brings lickable wallpaper into the real world. He also delves into the history of 60’s food.

3. Heston’s Feast, Channel 4 – 1970s Pot Noodle.

In this episode, Heston re-invents the pot noodle into something exceptionally avant-garde. He also references to food in the 70s.

4. Heston’s Search Of Perfection, BBC Two – Fish And Chips.

In this episode, Heston tries to re-invent the classic dish, by using science and impeccable technique.

5. Heston’s Search Of Perfection, BBC Two – Bangers and Mash.

Heston’s knowledge of chemistry comes through in this episode, as he explains the scientific reactions and processes involved in making “the perfect bangers and mash”.

6. Heston’s Feast, Channel 4 – Pick and Mix Dessert.

Heston puts his own individual twist on the pick and mix sweets, by creating a fantastically quirky dessert.

7. Heston’s Feast, Channel 4 – 1970s School Canteen Dinner.

Heston’s recreation of a 1970s school dinner was not well received by the dinner ladies. Perhaps a hint to the fact that all 70s food should be suppressed and swept under the carpet for eternity.

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