Home economists and experts talk about the history of food. Did you know the first tin-opener was invented by the English surgical instrument maker Robert Yates in 1855? Neither did I.

Retromush has collated all the best documentaries that discuss home economics of the 60s – 80s. Take a look and see if you learn anything new.

1. Food In The 1970s – BBC Four. 

A BBC Four Documentary on “the changing and consolidating of the food industry during the 70s”. Plenty of archived footage to bring back the nostalgia.

2. Home Economics Story, (1951) – Educational Video. 

A documentary which explains the importance of a woman’s role in home economics.

3. The True History Of English Food – BBC Four.

Another BBC Four documentary, which looks into the past of home economics from a British perspective. 

4. A History of Canned Food – An Educational Video From The 1950s. 

An old school documentary, which covers the canned food history in full. 

5. A People’s History: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – BBC Four. 

Part BBC Four documentary hosted by Clarissa Dickson-Wright, which covers a mostly universal outlook on the history of food and home economics. 

6. Eating The Past – Why and How To Study Food History – CUNY Lecture. 

Dr. Megan J. Elias gives a lecture on the importance of knowing about our westernised food history and culture. 



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