Have you ever seen the antiquated Folgers coffee adverts? Or been within earshot of the modern day “make me a sandwich” quip? A woman’s role in the kitchen has been habitually represented as the only thing to define her.

In spite of that, has the media progressed?

The Viral Nova network show us a few generalised examples of vintage sexist advertising to get us started.

Feminists and pro-woman activists have fought for years not to have their derriere spanked in the boardroom, but outside of the workplace sexism is a “matter of opinion”. This is not to say that sexism doesn’t happen to men too – we often see men stereotyped as the helpless fool on TV, but generally speaking, it has been the latter.

Nonetheless, we still see the issue emerge today, and admittedly, it seems to be just as brash as it was in the 60s and 70s. The Business Insider shows us a few examples of modern day sexism in advertising to re-iterate this point.

In this post, we have previously seen sexism throughout the board, but here’s four old school videos of sexism specifically in relevance to the domestic goddess.

1. Pepsi Commercial from 1957.

We see a trend in drinks related merchandise showing sexism against women, (if you include the many vintage coffee adverts that are shown in number 4). Why specifically coffee adverts I wonder?

2. 60s Marketing Research Film.

Illustrating that the only research women do, is in regards to something domestic or cosmetic. Demeaning.

3. 1962 Gold Medal Flour Advert.

“Every woman needs to be herself at times. Your answer? Baking.” Behind every great woman, is baking flour, and nothing else.

4. Reel of Vintage Sexist Coffee Adverts.

According to these adverts, coffee turned men into utter arseholes. Too much caffeine perhaps?

Now that we have seen a few cases of sexist advertising from the past, can we see any today? Retromush has selected two of the worst, out of a large plethora to choose from.

1. Youtube Mashup. 

The below video shows a montage of modern day sexism against men. It sort of feels like women are getting revenge on all of the sexist adverts that happened in the past, here. It shouldn’t be this way either. As the feminist, Jane Galvin Lewis, put it: “You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman”.

2. Subway Advert. 

This Subway advert illustrates the importance of keeping slim at Halloween, so fitting into sexy costumes won’t be a difficulty. 

It’s disappointing to see such obvious sexism happening in advertising today, but at the same time it’s important to note that the advertising industry needs to create a “target market”. This is why stereotyping happens, and if you’re sensitive to these issues, it can be hard to see where they cross the line. 


A Snickers commercial, which gives a modern day slant on sexism in food advertising sums it up well. It’s had mixed reviews, but you have to appreciate it lightheartedly. 


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