From chicken farms, to illegal smokies – there has always been situations which live on the edge of morals and law.

If we look at the unethical ways in which some foods were [and are] still made, there is a lot to be investigated.

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On addressing this affair, Retromush has collected 8 videos which discuss and debate the laws and politics of food. Enjoy. 

1. VICE News uncover the political and legal issues of eating monkey meat in Liberia, while the Ebola virus continues to spread. 

2. The Munchies network look into the illegal smokie trade, and the effects it has for consumers and farmers, alike. 

3. A VICE documentary about a man who eats roadkill. Do you think there should there be laws in place against this?

4. Marion Nestle, a professor in the department of nutrition, food, studies, and public health, sheds some light on food politics throughout her lecture. 

5. Munchies investigates genetically modified foods, and the laws that implicate this. 

6. South African network, South2North, discuss the politics of food from their perspective.

7. A list of 10 things that are bizarrely illegal throughout the world.

8. A list of 10 things that are strangely illegal in America. 

Hopefully these documentaries and lectures will have you wanting to know more.


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