Dominos pizza box bubble gum”, “Stretchy Boogers”, and “Rinky Dinks.” It wasn’t just the packaging that enlivened you. Retromush brings you 10 of the best.

1. Dominos Pizza Box Bubblegum.

A soft paty of bubblegum pre-cut into wedges just like a pizza. It was packaged in a small paper box.

  Photo Source From: http://blogspot.com.

2. Dweebs.

(“Cousins to Nerds”) were a larger, soft and chewy version of the popular candy Nerds produced by The Willy Wonka Candy Company. They were introduced in the early 1990s, and were only available for a few years before they were discontinued.

  Photo Source From: http://candyaddict.com.

3. The Real Ghostbusters Bubble Gum.

Slimer gum was made by the Amurol company in 1988.

  Photo Source From: http://buzzfeed.com.

4. Stretchy Boogers Gummy Candy.

Each box of boogers included three flavors: Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy.

  Photo Source From: http://blogspot.com.

5. Rinky Dinks.

First launched in 1984.

  Photo Source From: http://collectingcandy.com 

6. Goofy Groceries.

Sweet and Sour treats from the 80s.

  Photo Source From: http://collectingcandy.com.

7. Dina Sour Eggs.

The Dina Sour Egg had variation – it would change flavours and colours based on how long you sucked, and in the centre was a refreshing burst of sweet, sugary powder.

  Photo Source From: http://underscoopfire.com.

8. Mr T. Gold Chain Bubble Gum.

Popular in the 80s.

  Photo Source From: http://collectingcandy.com.

9. Chu Bops.

Record album shaped bubblegum packaged in full-colour miniature LP sleeves popular at the time. Included lyrics to one of the album tracks so you could sing your favourite song while chewing a big wad of gum.

  Photo Source From: http://stuffwecollect.com

10. Cherry Clans.

These belong to the lemon heads and Alexander the Grape family, but deserve special mention because they are the only ones no longer available. The racist, stereotypical Chinese caricature depicted on the front of the box wasn’t politically correct enough for the 90’s.

    Photo Source From: http://combustibleengineer.blogspot.ie.


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