Retromush’s compilation of some of the best 80s food adverts on Youtube.

1. Lenny Henry thinks his pet ostrich is a budgie, but the ostrich thinks it’s a dog. The plot thickens.

2. Get that man some nasal spray.

3. “Will you ever understand why Bisto hired somebody to write that theme tune?” – Never in a month of Sundays.

4. Shoulder pads looked better on chimps. Apparently. 

5. You can almost hear the sound of the actors’ careers shattering underneath all that rhyming.

6. This is what Humpty Dumpty sounds like after two tabs of acid, four grams of ketamine, and three fifty bags of green. 

7. You can’t knock it’s creativity, even if it’s not very intellectually articulated.

8. “British beef” coming across as more of an advert for a “slinky“, than a chunk of cow.

9. A very normal relationship between father and daughter. Not the slightest bit suggestive to anything more sinister…

10. We all love a good tranny every now and again. Especially when they’re dressed as your granny, and stuffing their faces with cream filled confectionaries.





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