Retromush shows you a compilation of all the best 70s food adverts.

1. Catchy slogan you got there…

2. The 70s captured in 30 seconds. It’s cringe, and I absolutely love it.

3. Buying your sons two different qualities of burger? Talk about picking favourites.

4. An over-reaction to the standards of KFC, in my opinion.

5. If only he knew they do Milk Trays down in Spar for 8 quid.

6. “We make these up as we go along, you know.” I noticed.

7. A very coked out honey monster.

8. I’d be telling a porkie, if I said I didn’t enjoy this one.

9. “Flick it on a Frank.” Now it may be me, but I probably would’ve chosen a different slogan when talking about a product that looks like spunk. 

10. Who knew ketchup could be so sexualized.



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